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Introducing Standing Oak Advisors

Standing Oak Advisors looks at investing a little bit differently.

We believe investing should be inspired. That might sound like an oxymoron, but financial and retirement planning—the successful kind, anyway—starts with a spark. There’s a reason you do what you do, and that “why” fuels your future financial decisions. 

Can you get by without a professional financial advisor? Absolutely. You wouldn’t have gotten this far if you weren’t fully capable of educating yourself and making your own decisions. Do you mow your own lawn? Do you cut your own hair? Maybe you do, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good time investment or that you’re proficient at the exercise. (Can you believe some people pay more money to cut their hair and grass than they do to grow their wealth?) The potential for maximizing your personal net worth is exponentially greater with a partner who is focused exclusively on your growth and success. It’s also a major time and money saver to have a knowledgeable advisor to shoulder the burden of analysis and legal coordination. Consider us the experts in your corner. 

Something else that makes us different: we don’t put the cart before the horse by leading with service offerings and financial tools. We believe a strategy can only be successful when we take the time to discover your long-term goals first. Then we take it step by step from there, always with an eye toward long-term strategy that serves your “why.” 

We understand two things: people and the market. Each influences the other, and because we’re talking about human beings here, constant change is par for the course. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t sound, practical strategies available to chart a course over these shifting sands.  

There’s a lot of miseducation, knowledge gaps, and plain old bad advice floating around out there when it comes to investment strategy and financial planning. It is our intention for this space to be a wellspring of knowledge to help you achieve your goals—all before you even give us a call. Here, you’ll find ways to grow wealth, achieve cost savings, optimize your portfolio and take control of your business’s path.

Our purpose is very simple. Whether your goal is retirement or business growth, we’re here to help you to make more money than you could on your own. Turning business revenue into long-term wealth for our clients is our north star. And there are plenty of additional opportunities along the way, as you’ll soon see.  

Let’s walk the path of profitability together.

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