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A Practice of Gratitude – A Message from Scott Eichler

The idea of living richly has many different expressions. Gratitude is certainly one of my favorite forms of living richly. As the holidays approach, I’m reminded of how grateful I am for my family, friends, and clients. It’s a great honor to help people lead more financially secure lives, and I am so thankful that I get to come to work every day and do just that. There’s no greater gift I can give to my clients.

When it comes to my own holiday wish list, I don’t care so much for the kind of presents that come wrapped in paper. I would much rather garner support for organizations that do good work for great causes. One of my favorites is Grangou.


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Grangou is the Creole Haitian word for hungry, and this charity has made it their mission to feed the hearts, minds, and bodies of Haitians in need. The ministry funds a home for abandoned and at-risk children, which was founded after the devastating earthquake of 2010 that left many children orphaned, homeless, or both.

But here’s the really cool thing. Far beyond providing basic needs (clean water, medical care, education), Grangou guides those in their care to become small business owners, teaching vital life skills and providing tools that empower Haitians to one day enact change in their own country.   

This year, my wish is to contribute the most good to this important cause. I’m offering to match every dollar up to $5,000 for donations made to Grangou from Nov 30 – Dec 31. If everyone donated just $2, we would meet our goal. If it feels right, I invite you to join me in supporting this incredible organization.

Click here to donate and have your donation be part of the $5,000 match. 

I am filled with gratitude that my work means helping people live more richly, whatever that means to them. May your holidays be filled with everything that brings you gratitude!

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